IN4COM is a developer and vendor of several software solutions and platforms. Please review high-level descriptions of them and follow provided links to find more details about these solutions


offers the solution for fully automated video content creation based on data-driven storytelling concept. Our platform provides easy to use and affordable functionality for everyone on a market. Your video content production costs will be reduces up to 100-fold. Visit AVICA project portal following the link


serves to fully automate product management lifecycle and distribute structured product information across multiple front- and back-end systems of your IT-landscape. Reduce your Time-to-market up to 50%. You have single source of truth for high-quality product information and full reduction of manual product content management work. Please download our product white paper here


is designed to make a digital twin of the business processes and operations of your company or department in order to reconstruct all business and operational information flows, identify bottlenecks and calculate KPIs to monitor the performance of processes and human resources almost in real time. Please download our product white paper here


helps companies who have a large user base and who want to monetize it for their own purposes or offer related data to partners. Platform allows to create user marketing profiles from heterogeneous data and run analysis and marketing pre- and post-campaign reports. Integrate your preferred advertising channels. Please download our product white paper here


is a native web platform to run your small and medium business and manage your clients and partners. Platform supports account management, product catalog, sales and payments, recurring charging and billing, analytical reporting and customer specific features and integrations. Make the platform design as per your brandbook and style guide. Please download our product white paper here